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Where’s Sakai Going in the Next Three Years?

The Sakai Community has just published a new three-year strategic roadmap to steer the ongoing, energetic, rapid innovation that is the hallmark of the Sakai LMS. This new plan builds upon Sakai’s track record of market leadership in higher education, as evidenced by independent survey research and market data. It prioritizes the development of teaching technologies that increase design flexibility for faculty and enable greater learning outcomes for students.

Adopted in January 2019 by Sakai Community institutions, this roadmap guides rapid innovation in response to faculty needs, represents Sakai’s dedication to meeting the needs of faculty and students with relevant advanced technology, highlights the impact that can be made by an energetic community leveraging an open platform, and encourages institutional support for Sakai’s rapid development.

The Roadmap: Annual Areas of Focus

2019: Rubrics, Tests & Quizzes, and Gradebook

2020: User experience and cloud storage integration

2021: Lessons 2.0, rapid grading, user experience, and analytics

2022: Tests and quizzes, notifications, other key enhancements

Sakai Roadmap



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