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Sakai Facilitates Food Bank Leadership Program During COVID-19 Pandemic

LevelUp!, a new Food Bank Leadership Program, is utilizing Sakai to help train Food Bank leaders in next level leadership skills for the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world we all live in.

Sakai’s learning management tools enable LevelUp! faculty and executive coaches to create intensely collaborative learning spaces, develop innovative courses, evaluate learners, provide individual mentoring, and generally help leaders of food banks increase their capacity to help their communities in the time of Covid. LevelUp!, powered by Sakai, also helps create a community of food bank leaders who could rely on each other for collaborative problem solving and stress management around the pandemic.

LevelUp!’s first cohort of food bank leaders found enormous value from the program that the organization offered on the Sakai platform. It began the program before the Covid pandemic and was able to pivot from a hybrid approach to a completely online program. Their innovative pedagogy and Sakai’s flexibility enabled LevelUp! to move to a methodology that supported their learners in their leadership growth and collaboration in the face of the enormous challenge of Covid.

LevelUp! utilized a shared Sakai instance managed by LAMP Learning Consortium, which provided the platform for LevelUp!’s initially small program. LAMP’s goal is to enable smaller learning organizations to utilize the benefits of Sakai without the hassle or cost of self-hosting.

Sakai provided the course development, testing, evaluation, and collaboration tools for LevelUp! to empower food bank leaders to learn more effective leadership strategies and help their communities during the complex and difficult times we live in.


LevelUp! combines cutting-edge leadership development, new assessment and coaching techniques, and best-of-breed learning from world-class business schools, in order to enable senior Food Bank leaders to take a huge leap forward in their ability to lead and thrive in complex and chaotic environments.



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