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Sakai Achieves LTI Advantage Certification

Sakai is one of the first LMS platforms to achieve a brand-new certification for an interoperability standard called LTI Advantage, continuing its longtime leadership in standards and interoperability. This certification in LTI Advantage, available in early 2019, enables faculty to enrich their Sakai course sites by easily embedding an ever broader range of cutting-edge teaching technologies and tools.

"We will look back in several years and realize that the release of LTI Advantage was the moment where the LMS marketplace was truly transformed into an ecosystem of cooperating platforms and tools,” said Dr. Charles Severance, PMC Chair, Sakai Project.

This certification enables the Sakai community to deliver more powerfully on its commitment to nimble innovation and provide even richer possibilities for student learning. LTI Advantage’s open standard complements Sakai’s open source framework and provides a number of exciting benefits, including:

  • Plug-and-play integration with external apps using new the LTI Advantage standard. This new standard reduces the cost and time needed for external tool providers to develop integrations that work equally well in multiple LMSs.

  • A more intuitive, seamless interweaving of external content within Sakai. LTI Advantage tools will act and feel more like native Sakai tools.

  • Enhanced capability for learning analytics to promote student success.

  • Security improvements for data exchange between Sakai and third party tools.

Sakai passed rigorous requirements to achieve the LTI Advantage certification, most notably with Assignment and Grade Services, Deep Linking, and Names and Role Provisioning Services. As the foundation for learning product integration, LTI Advantage adoption and certification provides a path for the wide array of tool providers to rapidly scale their integration to work with any LTI Advantage-certified platform. To learn more about LTI Advantage and its capabilities, visit the IMS Global website.

Sakai 19 will be available in the first quarter of 2019.


Sakai represents a fundamentally different approach to the learning management system. Unlike other “open” systems available today, the direction and feature set of Sakai originates from within higher education to address the dynamic needs of a global academic community. The Sakai open-source community values the participation of its contributors highly, with educators and developers from various institutions working together to turn great ideas into reality for the entire community of Sakai adopters.


Wilma Hodges, Ed.D.

Sakai PMC Community Coordinator

Apereo Foundation



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