Hosei University in Japan commits to Sakai LMS until 2025

One of the largest private universities in Japan, Hosei University, has renewed its contract with a leading Sakai vendor in Japan and a member of the Sakai community, Kanematsu Electronics, LTD (KEL). Hosei has been using Sakai for teaching and learning since 2011, but opened a new RFP for a learning management system to meet its future needs. Based on its previous work with Hosei and Sakai, KEL won the bid and will continue to implement Sakai for Hosei for an additional 5 years.

As one engineering faculty member from Hosei University said at a recent conference about teaching and learning, "[Sakai] is... a tool to improve quality of learning, [and its use helps us] come up with more ideas."

Furthermore, KEL has worked with Hosei to provide intensive development of Sakai. This has enabled them to understand Hosei’s faculty needs, and provide a solution that works for the administration, faculty, and 28,000 students at Hosei University.

KEL will work with Hosei to provide a needed data migration project at a much lower cost, and with significantly more expertise than competing LMS solutions and hosting companies. It will also continue to provide high value teaching and learning support for Sakai.

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