Noah Botimer
University of Michigan

Noah is a technologist with a strong devotion to supporting and improving education. A long-time developer, Noah has built numerous tools and services inside and outside university campuses. His focus is on adaptability, enjoying new platforms, techniques, perspectives, and challenges. Within the Apereo/Sakai community, he has served in technical and leadership roles, often bridging disciplinary and communication differences, especially in the areas of electronic portolios and assessment. He currently serves as a developer at the University of Michigan, specializing in learning technologies and integration. Noah also represents U-M to the IMS Global Learning Consortium's Technical Advisory Board, again, building bridges within and between educational and technical communities. He enjoys making music, cooking, and drinking too much coffee.

Diego del Blanco Orobitg

Diego del Blanco Orobitg's involvement in the Sakai community started in 2005 at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. He has been working since then in several companies (now at UNICON as the Sakai Tech Lead) covering a lot of different roles related to Sakai: Development, training about and with Sakai, project management, user's and customer's support, marketing, finances and management in a SCA, Sakai implementations and integrations, QA, educational, instructional and pedagogical design providing a vision of the needs of all the actors involved in the educational process. He is the Latam representative at the Apereo Foundation and was selected as Apereo Fellow in 2014 and won the 2015 TWSIA award. 

His education includes a Master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, an MBA at INEDE Business School and a Master in eLearning Technologies at the Universidad de Sevilla.

Ian Dolphin
Executive Director of the Apereo Foundation

Ian has led organizational and technology projects to improve
post‐secondary education in the United Kingdom and played a leading role in collaboration with Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  Ian acts as an ex-officio member of the PMC.

Shawn Foster
Western University

Shawn is an eLearning Technology Specialist at Western University. He works with Western's local Sakai-focused developers, eLearning teams, and central technology support teams to further enhance online and blended learning at Western.

Shawn has been involved in the Sakai community since 2011. He regularly attends community calls, contributes development and user interface improvements, and collaborates with other members of the Sakai community from both development and eLearning perspectives.

Matthew Hall
University of Virginia

Matthew is the Technical Lead for the University of Virginia’s learning management system team. He manages software development and system administration for UVACollab, UVA's implementation of Sakai. His focus is on the tools, services, and integrations that make up UVA's central online collaboration and learning environment. Matthew has been working with Sakai since 2011. He holds an MS in Computer Science, a BS in Computer Engineering, and a BS in Mathematics from the University of Virginia.    

Wilma Hodges
Sakai Community Coordinator

Wilma is the Director of Training and eLearning Initiatives at Longsight. She has more than 20 years experience in faculty training, LMS administration, online pedagogy, instructional design, online course and program development, teaching, and technical writing. Wilma has been involved with the Sakai project since 2009, and plays a leadership role in a number of Sakai community groups including the Sakai Documentation Working Group, the Sakai Virtual Conference, Apereo FARM (Funding and Resource Management), and the UX Working Group. 

Wilma holds a master's degree in Technical Writing from the University of Central Florida, and an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University. She was selected as an Apereo Fellow in 2016.

Dede Hourican
Marist College

Dede is the Manager of Instructional Technology at Marist College, focusing on the integration of digital technology into the college curriculum and assists the faculty to improve student learning outcomes use of instructional technology in their traditional, hybrid and fully online courses. 


A long term community member within multiple projects and events,  Dede has most recently directed focus on quality assurance with participation in the Sakai QA committee.  One of Dede's favorite activities within the Sakai community is managing a group of anywhere between 10-20 international graduate and undergraduate students each year. She trains and mentors them throughout the QA process and teaches them about open source software and global communities, building future sakaigers, a QA model that benefits both students for experiential learning and the Sakai community as a whole.

Dede is an Adjunct Faculty in the school of Computer Science and Math, holds a BS in Integrative Studies from Marist College and holds an MA in Integrated Marketing Communication.

Matthew Jones
University of Michigan
Sakai PMC Treasurer

Matthew Jones develops open source software at the University of Michigan. Matthew has been actively involved with the Sakai project since 2008 both at Longsight Inc. and at the University of Michigan. Matthew is currently highly active in the Sakai community, participating on the Sakai Management Committee, the Sakai Core Team as well as performing general software maintenance. Matthew holds a MS in Software Engineering and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan Dearborn.

Earle Nietzel
Sakai Release Manager

Earle Nietzel has been actively involved in Sakai since 2006. He leads the Sakai Core Team and serves as the release manager for Sakai. His most notable contributions include persistence of Sakai’s configuration. When not directly working on Sakai he is typically working on LTI tools using Scala and Play frameworks.

Sam Ottenhoff

Sam filed his first Sakai JIRA ticket over nine years ago (SAK-93) and has contributed to Sakai development and QA ever since. He was a member of Megan May's QA group for the Sakai 2.6 release and for the 2.7 series provided QA support as well as code patches. In 2010 he joined the maintenance team and also the release management work group, helping triage bug tickets and serving as a 2.8.x branch manager. He was elected to the Sakai Technical Coordination Committee in September 2011 and served as release manager for the Sakai 2.9 release.

Sam is a founding partner of Longsight, a company created to focus on supporting open-source applications for higher-ed. Sam graduated from Kenyon College with a BA in History and worked on an early generation of campus web applications. After college, Sam worked in New York City for interactive learning company ACTV and then as an educational technologist at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Jeff Pasch
New York University

Jeff Pasch is the LMS Product Director at New York University. He works closely with designers, instructional technologists, developers, QA and UX teams, and the NYU Community in improving and maintaining NYU’s instance of Sakai.

Since 2010, Jeff has been involved with the Sakai community. He has managed projects to deliver a new Gradebook and PA System tool in Sakai 11. He has over 15 of years of experience in implementing and supporting enterprise systems. Jeff lives in Brooklyn but is a Midwesterner at heart

Miguel Pellicer
Entornos de Formación (EDF)

Miguel is the CTO at EDF and an LMS market entrepreneur with a strong commitment in Open Source education technologies.  An active member of the Sakai Community and the Spanish Team since 2008, security and internationalization lead. Miguel has led more than thirty Sakai deployments all over the world, including elite universities in Spain, Netherlands, UK, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and the USA.  

Juan Jose Meroño Sánchez
University of Murcia

Juan has been involved in IT for Teaching and Learning since 1998, running home grown software first, and then switched to Sakai since 2009. Juan José has been a lead developer for over 10 years now in the Area of Information and Communications Technology (ATICA) at the University of Murcia, Spain. He has also written manuals for developers and shared his knowledge by teaching courses inside and outside his area. Juan José has a degree in Computer Sciences and was also a lecturer at the University for four years. He has an active participation in the Sakai community where he has been enrolled as a QA performance leader, active member of the S2U Team and actively involved in finding and solving bugs together with his team at the University.

Charles Severance
University of Michigan
Sakai PMC Chair

Charles is a Clinical Associate Professor and teaches in the School of Information at the University of Michigan. He also works with the IMS Global Learning Consortium promoting and developing standards for teaching and learning technology. Previously he was the Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation and the Chief Architect of the Sakai Project.

Charles is the editor of the Computing Conversations column in IEEE Computer magazine that features a monthly article and video interview of a computing pioneer. Charles is the author of the book, "Sakai Free as in Freedom" that describes the early days of the open source Sakai project. Charles is also the author of the book, "Using Google App Engine" from O'Reilly and Associates and the book "Python for Informatics: Exploring Information". He also wrote the O'Reilly book titled, "High Performance Computing". Charles has a background in standards including serving as the vice-chair for the IEEE Posix P1003 standards effort and edited the Standards Column in IEEE Computer Magazine from 1995-1999.

Charles is active in television and radio as a hobby, he has co-hosted several television shows including "Nothin but Net" produced by MediaOne and a nationally televised program about the Internet called "Internet:TCI". Charles appeared for over 10 years as an expert on Internet and Technology as a co-host of a live call-in radio program on the local Public Radio affiliate (

Charles's hobbies include off-road motorcycle riding, karaoke and playing hockey. Charles has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Michigan State University.

Steve Swinsburg
Flying Kite
Sakai PMC Vice Chair

Steve is a Senior Analyst and Applications Developer at Fivium, a dynamic, green IT business workflow software company. He holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science Degree. He also has several years of tertiary teaching experience. In 2011, Steve was elected to the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors and in 2012 became a Founding Board member of Apereo.


Steve is also the founder of Flying Kite, a software house based in Australia delivering Sakai support and custom development services to educational institutions worldwide since 2008. Steve actively contributes to the various mailing lists and assists other developers within the community and in 2009 was selected as a Sakai Foundation Fellow.


Steve has written over a dozen articles on Sakai best practices and how-to's, and regularly blogs about Sakai related developments. In 2008 he published a paper on Sakai in distance education in the Australian ascilite journal. Steve was heavily involved with the organization of AuSakai 2011 at the Australian National University in Canberra, which to date, has been the most successful Sakai event in Australasia. Steve is also an active uPortal contributor and has developed several JSR-168 portlets, notably the Sakai Connector Portlet and the Basic LTI Portlet, both implementing the IMS LTI specification.

Joshua Wilson

Joshua is Longsight’s Chief Operating Officer.  He leads client relations, business operations, project management, and strategic planning. In addition, Josh chairs the Sakai Community’s Marketing Team. He has been a leader in academic technology for more than a decade, serving most recently as Associate CIO for Academic Technology at Brandeis University, where he directed the strategic and client-centered renewal of the University’s academic technology environment, including its open source LMS.  Josh has served for a decade on the management team for the nationwide MISO Survey, which measures the effectiveness of IT and libraries at more than 150 higher education institutions.

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